At Sanctuary Computer — we’re building a different type of technology shop. Based in NYC’s Chinatown (and remote), the way we approach building things is more like a restaurant than a traditional agency, with an emphasis in providing our clients with an outspoken sense of comfort and hospitality.

We work in design, branding and engineering roles, with clients like Nike, General Electric, The Nobel Prize, Herman Miller, Adobe, Dig Inn and many others. That same thoughtfulness is applied inward, too. We understand that technologists & engineers have a strong sense of art and integrity, and are happier being a part of a team that promotes those values.

<aside> 👯 **We care deeply about building great products for a diverse set of users, and to do that well, we need people who think through a wide lens of different experiences.

At the current time, we are holding space for individuals who are underrepresented in our industry. If you feel that's you, please reach out!**


Garden3D (our collective umbrella studio) currently consists of:

→ We track these statistics closely, talk about them openly, and work to improve them year over year. 2022 DEI Report.

🔮 Who we’re looking for:

Right now, we’re looking for a senior developer with experience leading teams and collaborating closely with product owners.

In this role, you’ll be joining our team as a senior developer who’s eager to practice Value Engineering while solving tough challenges. Responsibilities will include:

The person we’re looking for is happy, relaxed and easy to get along with. They’re flexible on anything except conceits that will lower their usually outstanding work quality. They work “smart”, by carefully managing their workflow and staggering features that have dependencies intelligently — they prefer deep work but are OK coming up to the surface now and then for top level / strategic conversations.

We believe people with backgrounds or interests in design, art, music, food or fashion tend to have a well rounded sense of design & quality — so a variety of hobbies or side projects is a big nice to have!



🔑 Must Have Competencies:

💪 Nice to Have Competencies:

We’re always pitching for new and exciting technology niches. Some of the areas below are relevant to us!

🎤 How we interview:

Our interview process starts with a call where you get to meet a few members of our team.  From there we’ll ask appropriate candidates to take part in a technical exercise which helps illustrate skill level and comfort.

→ It’s also a great way to see what it’s like to work with us and help support folks who may not have the ‘right title’ but have the experience and technical know-how for the role.

💸 How we set salaries:

Most (normal) companies will offer a potential employee a salary. At garden3d however, we ask that our potential employees offer a salary back to us, using our skill tree - the same system we use to allow individuals to set their own salaries through peer reviews. This is something we do to fight inherent bias and salary discrimination in the tech industry (and you know your own skills a lot better than we do)!

You can read more in the aptly titled article:

How we set salaries

For this role, we’re seeking candidates in the Senior 1 through Lead 1 skills range.