Environmental activist working closely with leading brands to bring the environment to the forefront of consumer products

Painter from Europe doing a residency at Index exploring the intersection of technology and religion

Botanist working on a vertical farming startup looking to bring sustainable farming solutions to households around the world

Designer at the beginning of their career eager to learn, meet, and share

Middle-aged person who's lived above us/in the block/in the neighborhood for decades and comes to some of our talks

City council member who supports the space and uses it as their campaign HQ

Industry heavy hitter who wants to be seen at the wine bar, give a talk, have their book in the store

Friend with a job that just wants to support us and hang

In-house designer/developer/whatever whose company gave up their office but gives them a stipend for workspace

High school student who is looking to find their way, they are cool, but want learn more about design/community

Physicist studying black holes and thinks the lessons from them are valuable to a larger audience

Coral Reef scientist looking for a community of people that could help

Community organizer who sees the space as a valuable resource and organizing center

Privacy phreak who thinks Index is like-minded in their goals of open internet, decentralization, anti-big data, anti data-oppression

Lebron James

Small 6x person architecture studio with a dog, who need dedicated floorspace for their models & printer

Freelance software developer who wants a dedicated desk